Best FUE Hair Transplant In Mumbai

Do not let yourself get bothered and tensed about your personality due to hair falling or baldness problems. Go with the FUE hair transplant procedure today, and get your old look back again. FUE or Follicular unit extraction is a form of the advanced hair transplantation procedure. It performed on people who are facing aContinue reading “Best FUE Hair Transplant In Mumbai”

What Care Should Be Taken After Medi Facial?

Medi facials are always best for all skin types. It’s totally different from regular salon facials.  The major difference between medi facial and regular facial is the regular facial works on the superficial level. On the other hand, medi facials treatments aim ro deeply cleanse, exfoliate and fully nourish the skin. Since medi facial performContinue reading “What Care Should Be Taken After Medi Facial?”

Fun and Interesting Facts about a hair transplant

Hair Transplant in India is the only last resort when you’ve tried all possible treatments to address your hair loss or baldness concern. In this article, we will discuss all the interesting facts about a hair transplant in detail. Hair transplant provides permanent results You may find plenty of options to deal with your baldnessContinue reading “Fun and Interesting Facts about a hair transplant”

Things you should know before transplanting your hair.

We see our self in the mirror many times in a day. As we pass by the mirror and look in the mirror the one thing which grab our attention most is our hair. Many times, in a day we comb our hair, we style our hair. Hair s our crowning glory and the symbolContinue reading “Things you should know before transplanting your hair.”

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