Beautiful Natural Skin: Benefits Of Rejuvenation Facial/Vampire Facial

What Is Facial? The facial is not only one single skin care treatment product. Rather, it is a family of skincare treatments products for the face. Included in this family are facial masks, serums, chemical peels, exfoliation and much more. The facial benefits to promote the strength, quality, health, beauty and youth of the skinContinue reading “Beautiful Natural Skin: Benefits Of Rejuvenation Facial/Vampire Facial”

Everything You Know About Oxy Facial

The facial helps to nourish your skin, give an instant glow, softness and helps to get flawless skin. For a Good Skincare routine, we all need facial. Oxy Facial- This is one of the trendy types of medi facial and beloved by celebrities including Ashley Grahm and Madonna. This facial is designed to nourish yourContinue reading “Everything You Know About Oxy Facial”

What is Hydra Facial and How Does It Work?

Do Hydra Facial Works? A Hydra Facial is a medi facial skin treatment available in skin clinics and dermatology offices. The facial also is called “hydradermabrasion” because it includes microdermabrasion-like exfoliation joined with hydrating serums. The facial under the supervision of a skin specialist in Mumbai known for its three-step process, the Hydra Facial worksContinue reading “What is Hydra Facial and How Does It Work?”

What Care Should Be Taken After Medi Facial?

Medi facials are always best for all skin types. It’s totally different from regular salon facials.  The major difference between medi facial and regular facial is the regular facial works on the superficial level. On the other hand, medi facials treatments aim ro deeply cleanse, exfoliate and fully nourish the skin. Since medi facial performContinue reading “What Care Should Be Taken After Medi Facial?”

Medi Facial In Mumbai For Anti Ageing

Going for monthly salon or spa facials is very common in India. Most women and men too now opt for these beauty rituals and follow a regular skincare routine. Visit any beauty centre and you will be overwhelmed with different options such as pearl facial, diamond facial, fruit facial, oxy facial and so more. ButContinue reading “Medi Facial In Mumbai For Anti Ageing”

Why Medi Facials Are Better Than Regular Salon Facial?

Going For monthly facials and spa is very common in India. Most of the women opt for this beauty ritual which involves the usage of various creams and massage to soothe the skin and make it soft, clear, and glowing for few days or a month. Visit any salon and you will be inundated withContinue reading “Why Medi Facials Are Better Than Regular Salon Facial?”

How to improve your skin’s texture with a carbon peel facial?

Do you dream of having clear, flawless skin? Are you looking for any facial treatments that can do the magic for you? The only way to achieve this is by investing in a carbon peel facial. You just have to consult your skin specialist in Mumbai and get the facial done at your convenience. CharcoalContinue reading “How to improve your skin’s texture with a carbon peel facial?”

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